WAM! 2020 Art Show Recap

The inaugural show by Uppish Media was a success! We are thankful to everyone that came out and supported the movement.

And we'd definitely like to thank all of the artists that worked to make this happen:
Shamir Alvarez, Muneerah Mohammed, Maribel Navarro, Karina Vasquez, Lauren Rodibaugh, LaJon Miller, Anne Kupillas, Amelie Simmons, Alyssia Strasser, Alice Lefae, Alex Diffin, Alepsis Hernandez, Abigail Saul, and Aia White-Podue. 

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"Octofriend" by Alex Diffin 


"POTP" and "(Untitled Three Heads)" by Muneerah Mohammed


"Hawk Bot" and "Glassin" by Lauren Rodibaugh


"Longing" by Alyssia Strasser


"The Devil" and "Milk Madonna Dogma" by Maribel Navarro


Artist Amelie Simmons

"Youthful Spirit" by Amelie Simmons


"The Vulnerabilites of MX", "Give and Take", and "Cry for Help, Song for Healing" by Marie Jose


"She Wish They Would" by LaJon Miller


Thanks to everyone that came out. Let us know if you saw the show in person.

Click Here To Browse The Full Collection

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